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The Stickers

What is the order process?

This is neat. We built custom robots (software) to manage the entire process from start to finish. Here's a basic run down:

  • You land on the StickerSnaps website
  • You immediately think to yourself... "Woah! This is awesome. Obviously the creators of this product are true visionaries and dare I say, geniuses. I MUST have these!"
  • You follow the steps to order your stickers and submit your order
  • Our robots are like "Ugh, Another human giving us work to do. Don't they know how tired we are? Let's get this over with and process this order."
  • It will fetch your SnapCode
  • Prepare the image for very specific printing requirements
  • Save several variations of the image for review
  • A different robot will verify the quality of the images
  • Prepare all your print files into a package for the printer
  • Every night all "ready" orders are sent to the printer
  • The printers see the order and are like "Ugh, StickerSnaps robots are giving us more work to do. Don't they know they're over working us? Let's get this over with and process these orders."
  • The printers get hard to work pumping out the stickers
  • The stickers are shipped directly to your address
  • You open the stickers (your jaw drops when you see how awesome they are!)
  • You tell all your friends and family about these bad boys and they all follow the same process for their very own stickers.
  • Soon you will begin to notice other people who use these stickers. You'll nod at each other. Almost like a secret acknowledgement that you both "get it." Welcome to the club.

How much do the stickers cost?

Well, this depends. The more you order, the cheaper they get. Also, we're always lowering the prices so the costs change constantly. Lastly, we have a ton of coupon codes out there. Check out for any current deals we may have.

What size are the stickers?

The stickers are 2x2 (2 inches width, 2 inches height).

How is the sticker quality?

These stickers are made locally here in Los Angeles, CA USA. Printed by industry veterans. The stickers are of the highest quality. The final product is very durable and has been tested in various conditions. They are printed using industry best vinyl, then laminated for additional protection. They will not fade from exposure to the sun. These things are built to last - unlike the paper sticker products you see out there. On top of that, they are beautiful and you can truly see the print quality in the final product.

Can I order different sticker sizes?

Currently no. We have that capability of course but we're still testing the market to determine the best size options to offer. Have a suggestion? Please, email us at Also email us if you would like to arrange a custom size order. We can accommodate this easily we just currently don't offer it on the website directly.

Are the stickers glossy?

No, they are matte. This is on purpose. If there is too high gloss then the SnapChat application will not be able to scan them accurately. Also, SnapChat Snap Code guidelines say to not use glossy format for any printing of Snap Codes.

What can they be used for?

The applications are endless. Put em on your notebook, your school locker, your business decorations, back of your laptop, on your skateboard, on direct mailings, promotion products, real estate brochures, etc. Let your imagination run wild.

What surfaces will they work on?

Essentially any non-stick surface. We've tested them on books, laptops, chairs, street poles, mailboxes, various papers, wood, rough surfaces, etc. These are high quality stickers and should work well on virtually any surface.

How do you get my SnapCode?

We created custom software to "talk to" Snapchat and get your Snap Code directly from the source. So we guarantee your Snap Code to be accurate as of the time of your order. Of course, if you change your Snap Code after you order then the Snap Code sticker you receive will be out of date. Normally you'd never need to change your Snap Code, and 99.9% of SnapChat users will never do this, but it is an option within the SnapChat application.

Why can't I just go print my own?

You can. Of course once you go and try to print a small order of say 20, or even 100, stickers you will see that the pricing is much more than our costs. This is because we order tens of thousands of stickers per week. Because we order in such bulk we get greatly discounted rates. Don't take our word for it, check for yourself with your local printer or one of those "online" printer shops. Just make sure the quality matches. We're pretty sure that our pricing is far better for the quality you receive.

Are you affiliated with SnapChat?

No. We are completely independent from Snap Inc. (SnapChat). We are just huge fans of the application and how it's useful as a promotional, business, or just plain fun tool to use.

Shipping Details

How are the stickers packaged?

The stickers are printed in sheets of 20. So all orders are grouped into multiples of 20. So an order of 60 stickers will come as 3 sheets of 20 stickers each.

How are the stickers shipped?

To keep your costs down, we ship directly via USPS. If you'd like custom shipping for your order, please email with your order ID and request. We'll always help you out.

How long will it take to get my stickers?

Generally from the time you order to the delivery at your door, the period is about 7-10 business days. We print these in Los Angeles, CA USA. So the closer you are to us, the faster you'll get them.

7-10 Business Days for delivery? What the deuce?!?

We know! We wish we could make them magically appear at your doorstep too. Unfortunately we have to custom process each order. This is because your SnapCode is as unique as you are. Every single one is different and has to be printed separately. Obviously because of this we can't keep your stickers in stock. So please be patient. It's worth the wait!

What countries do you ship to?

Currently we're only shipping to the USA and Canada. We can work out a special order or shipping arrangements if you're in a rush to get your stickers and live outside of these countries. Just email and we'll work out a shipping arrangement for you.

Customer Satisfaction

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30 day refund period. If you are unhappy with your stickers for any reason, please email and request a refund. We will provide you return instructions and issue a refund. Keep in mind that this will really hurt our robots' feelings. I hope you can live with yourself.

Can I cancel an order?

If you request to cancel your order before the order has been sent to the printing process, then yes. Once it's been sent to the printing process then you will need to return the stickers once received for a refund.