Showdown - vs.

When we first had the idea for StickerSnaps, we really just wanted to order some stickers to scratch our itch. We wanted stickers of our snapcodes and didn’t want to deal with design, image format, DPI, print layers, etc. Printing these things is more complicated than people realize. Of course, anyone can do it themselves with their local print shop if they don’t mind taking the time to do it and paying the expense (which is much more than buying from a retailer like us.) You can also print them yourselves at home on sticker paper but, the quality will be terrible.

We just wanted a quick solution. So we did some research to if anyone was already offering the product. We found one other person doing it - SocialTagStickers. Only they were in South Africa. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, just that it takes a very long time for the stickers to arrive. Still, we ordered a set and were disappointed when they came. Not just because they took 4 weeks to arrive either. The quality was well below what we’d expect. They were paper stickers, high gloss, looked like they were printed at home from a normal color printer.

We decided we wanted to make our own stickers and got them done by the best printer in the Los Angeles area. We figured others would want this as well so we worked out a deal with the printer and created

It’s been nearly a year since we first ordered from SocialTagStickers, so we decided we’d order again and see how the quality stands against our own StickerSnaps. You can see the comparison video here:

As you can see, we don’t feel like the quality of their product improved much. Really, at all. Of course we’re biased but I think the video shows you the major differences in quality.

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