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I admit it. I was late to the game. I didn’t “get” Snapchat when I first tried it back in 2012-ish. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I got the hang of the interface and slowly started to realize why the app was so popular.

Accounts like Garyvee, NewYorkerMag, LACMA, ArnoldSchnitzel (Schwarzenegger), JustinKan, NASA, etc. Showed me the app can be used to not just speak to an audience but to engage with them. To entertain them. To be goofy in real life, random scenarios. To be yourself. It felt authentic and real. Not curated in a way that Instagram or Facebook does. Now, I have no problem with Facebook or Instagram… In fact I enjoy those platforms very much. Snapchat just feels different… unique.

My two teenage daughters use Snapchat almost exclusively to chat with friends. That’s where their group chats live. They send strange facial expressions to their friends all day long to communicate what they’re currently doing or how they’re feeling. Now that I’m using Snapchat regularly, they prefer to “snap” me than text me. I started to notice what was right in front of me all along. It wasn’t just teens using the app. Many of my peers were too.

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Finally I snapped (pun intended). I couldn’t ignore it any longer and I thought, “how can I help others be a part of this world?” Obviously social media is a huge part of marketing these days. The rise of social influencers also can’t be denied. Snapchat is huge for those that have learned to capitalize on it’s platform. Just ask DJ Khalid.

I saw a friend opening their phone, loading their Snapcode, allowing another person to scan it - all so they can follow them on Snapchat. For some reason that struck me as inefficient. One of the things that makes Snapchat special is the clever use of QR codes. This is essentially what your Snapcode is. It helps do away with remembering usernames and searching for someone. You can just scan the Snapcode and boom, you’re presented with their account.

I thought, why can’t you just print these up as stickers and hand them out to people. Or stick them on the back of your phone case or laptop. Here, scan this and follow me. It was so simple. I talked about the idea with my daughters, some friends, and marketers who love Snapchat. They thought it was a good idea.

So I did some searching for anyone who provided this service. I found one company (really, just a person) in South Africa who had this product. I ordered them and it took nearly a month to get the stickers. They were paper stickers and, in my opinion, not great quality. Nothing against this person but I just felt that I could create a better product.

I decided to see if I can work a deal out with a printer who can handle this type of product and deliver top quality stickers. Of course, I also need to negotiate a fair price to keep them affordable. I got to work!

I spoke to probably two dozen printers within the US. After speaking with quite a few I realized that I preferred to work with a local printer here in Los Angeles. Because the nature of the product I wanted to be able to visit them and check on things and work out issues when they arise. That narrowed it down for me. After a while I finally found a company that could produce the quality needed, in the quantity needed, for a price that made sense for everyone involved.

The stickers we’re able to produce now are made of top quality laminated vinyl. These things are beautiful. They’re also tough. We’ve tested them on all sorts of surfaces and soaked them in water (once stuck to a surface), they just hang in there like nothing happened. They won’t fade from exposure in the sun.

Anyway, I could go on forever about the stickers and our process. If you’re really curious you can read our entry in the faq about the process.

I just wanted to write a quick welcome message and a brief history of how StickerSnaps came to be. We will be writing more about topics directly related to Snapchat and it’s various uses for marketing, content creation, branding, engaging, etc. Until then, be sure to pick up your own stickers.

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